Harry Loper

Jun 16, 1957 - May 13, 2024

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Harry Loper

Jun 16, 1957 - May 13, 2024

Place of birth

San Jose, CA

Most recently lived in

Reno, NV

Harry's favorite hobbies

Enjoying great times with family, Camping, Watching football and baseball games, traveling in his RV through the country

Favorite bands and musical artists

Steve Miller Band, Led Zeppelin, The Grateful Dead

Favorite bands and musical artists

Interesting facts about Harry

Harry loved nothing more than

To spend time and travel with his wife, Kerry

Favorite place in the world


Favorite TV shows

49ers Football, Giants Baseball

Favorite sports


Harry Loper
June 16, 1957 - May 13, 2024

Harry Loper, beloved husband, father, and grandfather, passed away peacefully on May 13, 2024, at the age of 66. Born on June 16, 1957, in San Jose, CA, Harry was known for his zest for life and his love for his family.

Harry spent his most recent years in Reno, NV, where he enjoyed the simple pleasures of life. His favorite hobbies included spending quality time with his loved ones, camping, watching football and baseball games, and exploring the country in his beloved RV.

A music enthusiast, Harry's favorite bands and musical artists included the Steve Miller Band, Led Zeppelin, and The Grateful Dead. He had an infectious sense of humor and was always ready to share a laugh with friends and family. Harry's favorite quote, "Pull my finger," would always bring smiles to those around him.

Harry's proudest accomplishment was his family. He cherished every moment spent with his wife, Kerry, with whom he shared a wonderful journey of love and adventure. Guatemala held a special place in Harry's heart, as it was his mother's homeland.

In addition to his wife, Harry leaves behind a legacy of love in his children: Amanda, Matt, Mariah, Renee, Nathan, Skyler, Dean, Dawson, and Dallas. He was also a doting grandfather who cherished his grandchildren.

For 30 years, Harry worked as a dedicated truck driver, an occupation that brought him much fulfillment and satisfaction. He was known for his hard work and commitment to his profession.

Harry will be missed dearly by all who knew him. His funny and silly nature brought joy to those around him, and his memory will forever be cherished.

A celebration of Harry's life will be held at a later date. In lieu of flowers, the family kindly requests donations be made to a charity of your choice in Harry's honor.

Rest in peace, Harry Loper. You will be forever in our hearts.

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Photo of Harry

Born on June 16, 1957

San Jose, CA

Passed away on May 13, 2024

Reno, NV

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