Gladys Lucille Smith

May 09, 1938

Most recently lived in

Auburn, WA

Gladys's favorite hobbies

Playing bingo

Favorite bands and musical artists

Elvis Presley

Interesting facts about Gladys

She had eight children 5 girls and 3 boys

If you could tell Gladys anything today, what would you say?

I love you Mom and I wanted to thank you for all you taught me. If it was not for you I would not be the self sufficient woman I am today.

Gladys loved nothing more than

Than being at the ocean with Dad, Richard Smith, and some or all of her kids. She loved camping


When we were kids Mom was interested in WWF. The rest of us would tell her how fake we thought it was and kid her about watching it. But we could only do that or say anything AFTER she watched it. E were not allowed to talk during her show. Lol

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Gladys Lucille Smith (May 09, 1938)