Gladys Kay DesRochers

Nov 12, 1947 - Dec 23, 2022

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Gladys Kay DesRochers

Nov 12, 1947 - Dec 23, 2022

Place of birth


Most recently lived in

Boyne city

Gladys's favorite hobbies

Flipping people off

Gladys's favorite foods


Favorite place in the world

With her family

Favorite TV shows


Gladys's favorite hobbies

Crocheting, Doing puzzles

Gladys's proudest accomplishments

Her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren

Name of Gladys's children

Virginia Murphy, Rex Bartholomew, Roxann Bartholomew, Teresa Bartholomew

Name of Gladys's grandchildren

Richard Carson-Murphy, Christine Murphy, Justin Murphy, Jennifer Murphy, Rex Bartholomew III, Aubree Bartholomew, Trevor Kenny, Roxie swank, Davia Wilson, Terra Nahinu, Tianna Pollaski, Tiffany Pollaski, David Stockford, Brittani Stockford, Tawnie Stockford, Brandon Marr


Gladys Kay DesRochers was called home on December 23rd 2022 surrounded by loved ones. Gladys was a wonderful grandmother, mother, friend, sister. She will be remembered for always helping someone, and being a stubborn woman. But we loved her nevertheless. She will forever remain in our hearts. Gladys is survived by her 4 children and many grandchildren and great grandchildren. She was preceded in death by her son Joesph Murphy, her husband Shawn Lyons, her sisters and parents.

Plans for a celebration of life ceremony will be in the spring. It will be announced by the family the exact date.

If you would like to donate please make any payments to Mark Penzien at Penzien funeral homes inc.

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Photo of Gladys

Born on November 12, 1947


Passed away on December 23, 2022

Boyne city

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Photo of Gladys
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