Freddy W Pegher

November 24, 1982 - August 04, 2022

Place of birth


Most recently lived in

Felton, PA

Freddy's favorite hobbies

Cars, music & his guitar

Freddy's favorite foods


Favorite bands and musical artists

Tool, Pantera

Interesting facts about Freddy

He was so very smart, if you didn't know how to do something Freddy did.

If you could tell Freddy anything today, what would you say?

Freddy you were an amazing person, you were my purpose we miss you & you're my soulmate I don't just love you, I'm in love with you ❤️

Freddy loved nothing more than

Making memories with his family & friends & Working on his car.

Favorite place in the world

Home or in bed watching videos.

Favorite TV shows

Simpsons, Game of Thrones, Big Mouth, Family Guy,

Favorite sports


Freddy's profession(s)

Bad ass drywall finisher

Freddy's proudest accomplishments

His 1st daughter, getting clean, Finding real love & family

Freddy's pets in life

Dogs, cat, frog

Favorite musical instrument

Electric guitar

Favorite ice cream flavor

Vanilla with honey drizzled on top

Name of Freddy's parents

Greta Muster. Fred Peger Sr

Name of Freddy's grandchildren

Liam & Scarlett

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Freddy W Pegher (November 24, 1982 to August 04, 2022)