Elizabeth White MAYS

Apr 14, 1936 - Nov 04, 2021

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Elizabeth White MAYS

Apr 14, 1936 - Nov 04, 2021

Most recently lived in


Most recently lived in

Damville,Charleston,, and LaPuente,California

Elizabeth's favorite foods

Chili,Captain Dee's food

Elizabeth's favorite foods

Cheese burgers

If you could tell Elizabeth anything today, what would you say?

I love her more than ever and miss her

Interesting facts about Elizabeth

Loved her family

If you could tell Elizabeth anything today, what would you say?

She was a wonderful mother,grandmother, Aunt,Sister,Wife and daughter

Elizabeth loved nothing more than

To spend time with her children

Favorite place in the world


Favorite TV shows

Judge shows

Place of birth


Elizabeth's favorite hobbies

Sewing, making clothes, cleaning, talking to her family on the phone

Favorite sports

She did not like sports

Favorite movies

Elvis movies ( All of Elvis' movies)

Elizabeth's proudest accomplishments

Taking care and loving her 8 children.

Elizabeth's profession(s)


Elizabeth's superpower

Ro make peace and love of God

Elizabeth's pets in life

Bobby Ickins

Favorite musical instrument


Favorite ice cream flavor


Places Elizabeth traveled to

All.over the US to al Church Of God conventions

Name of High School attended

Burch Hig Schoo class of 1953

Name of college attended


Name of Elizabeth's parents

Allen and Celia ( Farley) W,hite

Name of Elizabeth's siblings

Lydia,Matilda,Nancy,Reubin, Dorothy


My mother was a devoted moth Christian, wife. She passed away of severe abuse by a nursing home. This place murdered her. She is with Jesus, but the circumstances of her death was not of natural causes. My mother was angel in this life.. She was survivor of polio.. Preceding in death, is her daughter is Livia Lula Mays, and sons Gregory David Mays and Orrin Neal Mays.

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Photo of Elizabeth

Born on April 14, 1936


Passed away on November 04, 2021


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