Doesey C Page

Apr 26, 1964 - Sep 08, 2022

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Doesey C Page

Apr 26, 1964 - Sep 08, 2022

Place of birth

Louisville Kentucky

Most recently lived in

Louisville Kentucky

Doesey's favorite hobbies

Spending time with his grandbabies

Doesey's favorite foods


Favorite bands and musical artists

Gerald Levert


Dorsey C Page born 04/26/1961 to Alice M page who passed away August of 2021 and father Albert Page who Passed away in 1981. Dorsey was called home to our Father on May 29th 2022. Dorsey C Page, is survived by four children Devon C Page, Alexis M Page, Ashley K Page, & Jason C Page, a ex-wife Carol Cowherd, three brothers Denise Page Gregory page who passed away 2009, & his baby brother Michael Page. Dorsey has a slew of Nephews and Nieces that he leaves behind along with 16 grandchildren that will all, forever miss him. He was a man with a lot of empathy and Kindness, he would and has honestly opened his home up to anyone in need. He was funny out going chiasmatic and strong willed person. There were not many people who did not instantly like him upon meeting him he was a truly amazing soul that will truly be missed.

Don't worry don't cry don't shed a tear at all

You can feel me I'm still here to catch you when you fall

It was time for me to go it was time for me to rest

I was so very tired and as the end came near I felt blessed

Mom was waiting for me to take me by the hand

And right by her side stood a tall slender man

It was my father who had also passed so long ago

He said son It's finally time and I'm sure this you know

I will never truly go away I will be home but still near

So if you ever need me look for the signs to know I'm near

Family this is not goodbye I did not go away

So please don't you cry I will check in on you each day

One more thing I want you to know Mama says hi how she miss all of you so

Alexis I still see you, Jason your the man, Teisha do what you need to do and I know you understand

Devon my first born stand strong, Craig my best friend keep moving on

Michael my little brother don't worry we are holding your baby girl

An only when it's time I will come carry you from that world

An to all my Grandchildren I know you all will make me proud

Stay in school do what your told and grow and stand up proud

Baby girl keep going never stop moving forward

I love my and miss you all but I'm finally with my Lord

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Photo of Doesey

Born on April 26, 1964

Louisville Kentucky

Passed away on September 08, 2022

Louisville Kentucky

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