Diego Garza

August 07, 1973 - July 15, 2021

Place of birth

McAllen Texas

Most recently lived in

St Paul Minnesota

Diego's favorite hobbies

To spend time with his loved ones and to spend time with his friends and to work he was a hard worker

Favorite ice cream flavor


Interesting facts about Diego

Diego was a very kind and loving man he helped out anybody he could and anybody who needed help

Favorite movies

Blood In Blood Out

If you could tell Diego anything today, what would you say?

If I could tell Diego anything today I would just want him to know that I love him very much and I always will and nothing will ever change how much I love him and that the 8 years we have been together were the eight happiest years of my life we're the ones I spent with him

Favorite place in the world

Diego's favorite place in the world was whenever he could go back home to McAllen Texas and spend time with this family his mom and dad his brothers and his sisters

Diego loved nothing more than

Diego love nothing more then to spend time with this family's friends whenever he had a chance


When I first met Diego I fell in love with his smile and his beautiful brown eyes he was so kind and loving funny friendly I never thought I would fall in love with anyone but he stole my heart the very first time I saw him we had our ups and downs in the 8years we we live together that's what life love is all about when you have your ups and downs and still manage to love each other and go through whatever you had to go through but at the end we were still together no matter what our love was one of a kind Diego used to say and still is even though he's gone now I love him even after death the love we had for each other was like no other love in this world I loved him from the beginning when I first saw him and I still love him even more now and nobody will ever take his place he was my man he was my love he was the reason I live for Diego show me what love was he show how to stand up for myself he show me how to speak up for myself and not to ever let anyone treat me or make me feel like nothing or to tell me that i was nothing he show me how to love and care for myself i learned so much from Diego and he gave me so much love that i don't need any other man the love Diego gave me is more than enough to hold me up until we meet again love you Diego Garza my Diablo love you Angie


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Diego Garza (August 07, 1973 to July 15, 2021)