Dianne Page

August 15, 1952 - September 24, 2022

Dianne PageBlurred cover photo

Place of birth

Memphis Tennessee

Most recently lived in

Memphis Tennessee

Kellie's favorite hobbies

Cooking, visiting Elvis house, watching all Elvis and Harry Potter movies, Spoiling her grandkids.

Kellie's favorite foods

Grilled cheese sandwich

Favorite bands and musical artists

She loved Elvis the most,Then it was Modena,

Interesting facts about Kellie

She loves holidays , she loved cooking , she was the light of everyone’s life.

If you could tell Kellie anything today, what would you say?

I love and I miss you so much.

Kellie loved nothing more than

Decorate for the holidays

Favorite place in the world

Elvis house

Favorite TV shows

Golden girls

Dianne Page

In memory of

Dianne Page

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