Diane Shock Rivers

Nov 22, 1948 - Feb 05, 2010

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Diane Shock Rivers

Nov 22, 1948 - Feb 05, 2010

Place of birth

Conway, Arkansas


Two degrees in Special Education at the University of Central Arkansas, B.S.E. 1971 and M.S.E. 1972; Ed.D. in Special Education at the University of Arkansas in 1986

Professional achievements

First U.S. educator to mainstream a deaf student; founded Quality Educational Systems, Inc. to help underperforming public schools improve student achievement; appointed to the National Commission on Libraries and Information Systems from 2005-2009 by President George W. Bush

Personal interests

Avid reader, accomplished pianist, enjoyed painting and playing tennis


Survived by husband, son, daughter, five grandchildren, and a brother; preceded in death by parents and a brother


Devoted to her relationship with God and developed a Bible study course entitled Heart Talk for the women’s ministry


Gave generously to strangers, charities, family, and friends

Memorial gifts

Family requests that memorial gifts be made to Double Oak Community Church for Double Oak Community School or to CaringBridge

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Photo of Diane

Born on November 22, 1948

Conway, Arkansas

Passed away on February 05, 2010

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