Dennis Spence Hubalck

Apr 25, 1958 - Mar 22, 2019

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Dennis Spence Hubalck

Apr 25, 1958 - Mar 22, 2019

Name of Dennis's parents

Betty Jean Spence and Robert James Hubalck

Most recently lived in

Phelan, CA

Dennis's favorite hobbies

Working on cars, smoking weed, running a muck, drawing, playing the drums

Dennis's favorite foods

Favorite bands and musical artists

Rob Zombie, White Zombie, Godsmack

Place of birth

Placenta, CA

Name of Dennis's siblings

Zandra Darlene Pankratz (maiden Bragg; previously Donah) and Keith Schellhorn.

Name of Dennis's children

Natasha Danielle Jeffcoat (maiden Stricker; previously Giarrusso); Tawny Ciara Green (maiden Stricker); Quentin Lee West; Dennis Spencer Hubalck

Name of Dennis's grandchildren

Anastasia Hope; Isabelle Marie; Victoria Faith; Nova; Brendon; Emily; Phillip Marshall; Damien Maliki; Lucius Nathanael; Cyan Lilith; Katarina Avaleane; Levino Scott (birth name - Spence Lee Tracy); tbd... Due 11/27/22. Great grandchild Conner?


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Photo of Dennis

Born on April 25, 1958

Placenta, CA

Passed away on March 22, 2019

Phelan, CA

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