Dennis Key Pollman

May 19, 1945 - Feb 05, 2010

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Dennis Key Pollman

May 19, 1945 - Feb 05, 2010

Place of birth

Long Beach, CA


Wife Bette, step-daughters Cristin Nolette and Stacy Chandler, granddaughter Morgan Nolette, sisters Patricia Pollman, Mareta Loy Hanna, Linda Ferrera, 2 nieces, and 2 nephews

Predeceased family members

Father and mother Solanus and Ernestine Pollman, brother James M. Pollman


Merle Key Guertin (founder of Best Western Motel chain)


4th great nephew of Francis Scott Key (writer of Star Spangled Banner)


Attended Blackfox Military Academy, graduated from Progress High School, earned a B.A. in Business Admin from S. Utah University


Founded Long Beach Visitors and Convention Bureau, served as Executive Director and Board member from 1980-1986, received Outstanding Alumni Award from Southern Utah University in 2005


Sigma Pi Epsilon Fraternity, Seal Beach and Los Alamitos Chamber, Seal Beach Lions Club, Cypress Rotary, Elks #888, Long Beach Police Officers Assoc, Long Beach Century Club, 11-55 Foundation, Executive's Association of Orange County, American Agents Alliance, Associate of Seal Beach Republican Women Foundation, California Automobile Assigned Risk Program, Elite One, Model T Club, Ford Victoria Club, and Mercedes Benz Club

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Born on May 19, 1945

Long Beach, CA

Passed away on February 05, 2010

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