Debra Arlene Hayes

March 29, 1956 - September 29, 2022

Place of birth


Most recently lived in


Debra's favorite hobbies

Yard work

Debra's favorite foods


Favorite bands and musical artists

Growing up with Debbie she loved oldies and later she loved everything I didn't and of course country was definitely a must

Debra's pets in life

She definitely loved animals even to to the end my sister saw the beauty in every animal

Favorite ice cream flavor

Debbie loved Kool pops or otter pops

Name of High School attended

Debbie went to Alamitos Jr high and she loved going to school to learn

Favorite place in the world

Debbie loved spending time at the casino with our mother

Interesting facts about Debra

My sister was always petite but she had a heart ♥ of gold 🥇

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Debra Arlene Hayes (March 29, 1956 to September 29, 2022)