Debra Arlene Hayes

March 29, 1957 - September 29, 2022

My daughter Deb

My daughter was a unique original all American girl who was compassionate loving soul. She was a person who embrace all seasons and embraced each of them by celebrating them for what they brought into the season.she was the oldest of 8 siblings of whom she loved. She had 3 children of her own whom she 🥰 love dearly. She was a compassionate animal lover of cats and dogs. She enjoyed the summer months and enjoyed going to the beach and volunteer on clean the ocean days.

Most recently lived in

Edwardsville, Illinois

Debra's favorite hobbies

No particular hobby but enjoyed taking her children and extended family members to amusement parks. Lakes, enjoyed the outdoors.

Debra's favorite foods

Loved pastas, salads

Favorite bands and musical artists

Loved all music in general

Interesting facts about Debra

Unique, caring compassionate soul

If you could tell Debra anything today, what would you say?

A loving devoted mother, who catered to each and every one of them.

Favorite place in the world

She loved Redlands, Calif.

Favorite TV shows

Old classics movies


Debra's humble 1957 beginnings started in Anaheim, Calif. where she was born and grew up with her siblings. She had many aunts and uncles who adore her. There are many cousins who will miss her tremendously but she has forever left them with so many fond memorable memories. Nieces and nephews who remembered her as the fun aunt who took them every where to have fun. We all miss you Deb.. Thanks for the memories !!!

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Debra Arlene Hayes (March 29, 1957 to September 29, 2022)