David Morris

Oct 12, 1985 - Oct 31, 2000

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David Morris

Oct 12, 1985 - Oct 31, 2000

Place of birth

San Jose, CA

Most recently lived in

Sacramento, CA

David's favorite hobbies

Smoking, video games, eating

David's favorite foods

Powdered donuts, corn dogs

Favorite bands and musical artists

Kendrick Lamar and Drake

Interesting facts about David

He was bisexual, he could play video games for weeks at a time without any sleep

David loved nothing more than

A good video games competition

Favorite place in the world

Smoke shop

Favorite TV shows

Typical Gamer and WWE

Favorite sports

virtual basketball


David Morris, born on October 12, 1985, in San Jose, CA, passed away on October 31, 2000, in Sacramento, CA. He was a beloved son, father, and friend. David had a passion for video games, smoking, and indulging in his favorite foods, powdered donuts, and corn dogs. He was known to immerse himself in gaming marathons, playing for weeks without sleep. David's favorite bands were Kendrick Lamar and Drake, and he enjoyed watching Typical Gamer and WWE on television.

David's favorite place in the world was the smoke shop, where he found solace and relaxation. He excelled in virtual basketball and achieved the highest rank in the game PUBG. Known by his friends as Daddy David and Jeremy's best friend, David was openly bisexual and expressed himself freely.

David cherished a good video game competition and had a son named Lincoln, who possessed a hyper personality and had a remarkable talent for the silent treatment. Lincoln adored his pet lil Mabu. David's defining personality traits included being slow, argumentative, and sometimes difficult, but he will be remembered for his unwavering love for gaming and his unique perspective on life. As David would often say, "Checks out." He will be deeply missed by all who knew him.

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Born on October 12, 1985

San Jose, CA

Passed away on October 31, 2000

Sacramento, CA

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