David Adam Gray

March 02, 1983 - June 26, 2022

David Adam GrayBlurred cover photo

If you could tell David anything today, what would you say

I wish you was still here, I still need you, alot of us do!

Name of David's children

Mercedes Gray Hamilton-- Matthew Gray-- Lexia Kennedy-- Lillie Sanford

Name of David's grandchildren

Hayden Gray

David's Finacee

April Gentry

Interesting facts about David

David was an extremely intelligent person who hid his intelligence well, often times I would get irritated at him and ask why he played dumb alot, and his reply showed me a new level of his intelligence, when he said he played dumb so others always underestimated him giving him the upper hand with many situations and people. David seemed to always surprise me with his endless knowledge on so mamy various subjects. I loved this about him!!

David best enjoyed spending his time

With the ones he loved. He loved his music and really enjoyed throwing and flipping his knives. He enjoyed cooking things his grandma taught him, I think he really enjoyed watching his food being happily ate!

Interesting facts about David

DAVID KNEW HOW TO DANCE AND HE WAS VERY GOOD AT IT !! The night I saw he could dance we litterly spent the entire night dancing !!

If you could tell David anything today, what would you say

My time with you was the most beautiful and happiest times in my entire life. I miss you every day and I will love you for all eternity

David's Memorial

First Week Together

October 11, 2017

First Week Together , October 11, 2017 (David Adam Gray's Memorial)Blurred photo
David Adam Gray

In memory of

David Adam Gray

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