David Adam Gray

Mar 02, 1983 - Jun 26, 2022

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David Adam Gray

Mar 02, 1983 - Jun 26, 2022

If you could tell David anything today, what would you say

I wish you was still here, I still need you, alot of us do!

Name of David's children

Mercedes Gray Hamilton-- Matthew Gray-- Lexia Kennedy-- Lillie Sanford

Name of David's grandchildren

Hayden Gray

David's Finacee

April Gentry

Interesting facts about David

David was an extremely intelligent person who hid his intelligence well, often times I would get irritated at him and ask why he played dumb alot, and his reply showed me a new level of his intelligence, when he said he played dumb so others always underestimated him giving him the upper hand with many situations and people. David seemed to always surprise me with his endless knowledge on so mamy various subjects. I loved this about him!!

David best enjoyed spending his time

With the ones he loved. He loved his music and really enjoyed throwing and flipping his knives. He enjoyed cooking things his grandma taught him, I think he really enjoyed watching his food being happily ate!

Interesting facts about David

DAVID KNEW HOW TO DANCE AND HE WAS VERY GOOD AT IT !! The night I saw he could dance we litterly spent the entire night dancing !!

If you could tell David anything today, what would you say

My time with you was the most beautiful and happiest times in my entire life. I miss you every day and I will love you for all eternity


David was born in Lafollette, Tennessee on March 2, 1983 his full name was David Adam Gray. I remember his mother had told me that even thou David was the youngest of her 5 boys he was infact born the biggest at almost 10 pounds! David and his mother told the story of how David was born just 1 day before one of his older brothers and how it became a family joke that David was born a gift.

Today I know this to be a fact,

David was absolutely born a gift and not just to me but to so many others as well. David made a huge impact on the lives of people he knew and cared about, I really dont think he honestly had a clue of just how big of an impact he actually had made or just how much people would find themselves missing him and needing him after his death. David was always humble and that was one of his best qualities. but I do wish he had actually known just how much he really did mean to alot of people. After David passed I began to see his impact on others he really did have as people would share how they respected, and cared about him and would miss him.

Durning our relationship David shared many stories with me from his early life to his growing up, stories of him and his grandma in the kitchen and how she was the one who taught him everything he knew about baking and cooking, He had all sorts of stories about growing up with 4 older brothers and keep in mind not just any 5 boys was he the baby bother of but He was the little brother of The 5 Gray Boys, David loved and respected each of his older brothers and told me often that they was a huge part in msking him who he was.

He told me all about meeting the girl who first stole his heart away at the age of 15 (if I am recalling it correctly), I think one of my favorite memories he spoke about was when he became a father for the first time at a young age, and then another 2 times after that making him the father of 2 daughters and 1 son, I think becoming a father was one of his best and most proud times in his life, He always spoke about his relationships with his children and how he loved each of them and wished he had more time with them and often wished he had more so he could do more for them. He told me about his first and second time he had his heartbroken, what he had been through, his regrets in each relationship and things he was trying to change. He told me how he had really only been in love a total of 3 times in his life, I am really blessed that I was number 3. He would share his stories of being 15 or 16 and on the interstate hitchhiking his way to Ohio from Tennesse and all the different kinds of people he caught rides with along the way. He shared stories about how his dad had taught him to survive in the woods and just how much his dad really enjoyed hiking amd camping, he told me stories about his mother when he was growing up that made him admired her strength and respect her not only bc she was his mother but also bc of the woman life had made her to be. After she passed away October 2021 David fell into a deep depression and the extact depth I was the only one really aware of, he missed his mother so much and the thought he is with her now is comforting to me. He had a few stories of teenage growing up full of partying a little too much, But seemed he had so many other stories about life lessons he went through which had made him grow up alot faster than most. He somehow managed a whole lifetime of his stories into the almost 5 years we had together. David shared alot of his most proud and happy times with me, and I really enjoyed hearing all his memories, he lived alot of life in his short 39 years on this earth. Along with all the great times David also told me all about his lowest, and most loneliest times he went through. Most people who know David would never know just how well he hid so much pain and heartbreak behind his beautiful smile. When I think back on all the memories David shared with me I cant help but to think he lived one hell of a life, He faced obstacles in his life that most people couldnt even imagine and he did a whole lot of living in his years, and he did it all with a beautiful smile. I admire his strength to keep going even in his darkest momemts alone. I am eternally grateful for his heart that even after being broke was still brave enough to open up to love again.

David lived a full life with lots of different experiences and it was not very often he spoke about his regrets in life bc he lived his life to his rules and he was never sorry for that. I hope to think when he left this world he was happy with the life he lived, I only wish he had known about the lives he had touched through out his time on earth. Personally I am eternally grateful for my time with David and I miss him each day more than words could ever say. What keeps me going is a promise I made to him to not get lost and what helps me get by is my hope that one day we will be reunited once again.

bc he owes me a Dance!

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Born on March 02, 1983

Passed away on June 26, 2022

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