Cody Lee Stockton Summers

April 17, 1986 - March 29, 2012

Place of birth

Omaha Ne

Most recently lived in

Omaha Ne

Cody's favorite hobbies


Name of High School attended

Job Corps

Cody loved nothing more than

His daughter Ciara

Name of Cody's parents

Lucinda (Cindy) Thomas & Gary Jay Summers

Name of Cody's siblings

Davianne Lopez, Sarah Ford, Kyla Sepulveda, Casey & Christy Thomas

Name of Cody's children

Only child Ciara Elizabeth Summers

Cody's profession(s)

Doing Tattoos

Interesting facts about Cody

Cody touched many of lives and was liked by just about everyone. He started out in life being speech delayed but caught up in no time. He always protected his mother and others that he loved.

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Cody Lee Stockton Summers (April 17, 1986 to March 29, 2012)