Clifton Boyd

January 11, 1939 - September 26, 2022

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Place of birth


Clifton's favorite hobbies

Movies and taking things apart to rebuild then

Clifton loved nothing more than

Bring around loved ones and friends

Favorite sports


Name of High School attended

Aurora High Shool

Name of Clifton's parents

Clifton was adopted by Ardetha Boyd

Name of Clifton's children

Shelia Warren, Sarah Warren, Michael Warre, Mark Boyd, Bradford Boyd, Johnny Boyd, Aletha Boyd, Emmanuel Boyd

Name of Clifton's grandchildren

Lortoria Warren, Delisha Warren, Jamisha Warren, Terrell Warren, Azariah Boyd, Ethan Boyd, Taylor Boyd, Alisha’s Boyd, Nyreisha Boyd

Name of Clifton's parents

Adopted by Ardetha Boyd

In memory of

Clifton Boyd

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