Clifford Clement Barlow

May 11, 1944 - July 31, 2022

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Place of birth

Burlington vt

Most recently lived in

Ontario, California

Clifford's favorite hobbies

Golf Golf and more Golf

Clifford's favorite foods

Too many to write

Favorite bands and musical artists

Loved music

Interesting facts about Clifford

He Loved to Dance, people use to say ' He had more moving parts then a vending machine

If you could tell Clifford anything today, what would you say

You will be greatly missed

Name of High School attended

Burlington vt

Name of Clifford's parents

Winifred (winnie) Barlow, Clement Clifford Barlow-both deceased

Name of Clifford's siblings

Debbie Barlow Fournier, Brien Barlow both deceased. Mike Barlow, Donna Myers, Lori Bannister and Amadee Denton

Name of Clifford's children

Ben Barlow

Name of Clifford's grandchildren


Living siblings and family

He is survied by his wife Mary Barlow, Mike and Joan of NC, kevin and Lori of swanton vt, Donna and Doug of colchester vt, Amadee and Fred of Williston vt, Ben & Jen of Shelburne vt.


In memory of

Clifford Clement Barlow

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