Clayton Neal Epps

Dec 10, 1964 - Nov 26, 2020

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Clayton Neal Epps

Dec 10, 1964 - Nov 26, 2020

Place of birth

Redmond Oregon

Most recently lived in

McMinnville Oregon

Clayton's favorite hobbies

Reading. Spending Time With Family,

Clayton's favorite foods

Orange Chicken and Fried Rice

Favorite bands and musical artists


Interesting facts about Clayton

He loved being home with this family and watching a movie together

If you could tell Clayton anything today, what would you say?

You touched a lot of lives and you were and are so loved

Clayton loved nothing more than


Favorite place in the world

Oregon Coast

Favorite TV shows

Star Trek

Favorite sports

College Football but only the Ducks And Beavers Game

Favorite movies


Clayton's profession(s)

Auto Parts Store Counterman

Clayton's superpower

His eyes cause if he gave you the look you were in trouble.

Clayton's proudest accomplishments

Learning all he could about the job he loved

Clayton's pets in life

Joye his dog, Gizmo his cat, Sheba his dog and his love of Ferrets

Favorite musical instrument

Base Guitar

Favorite ice cream flavor


Places Clayton traveled to

Hawaii, West Virgina, Alaska

Name of High School attended

South Eugene High

Name of college attended

He didn't.

Name of Clayton's parents

Verlyn and Lola

Name of Clayton's siblings


Name of Clayton's children

Sara, Dave, Judy, Tayah,

Name of Clayton's grandchildren

Christopher, Cheyenne, Dylan, Kyla, Adyson, Cyris, Isabelle


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Photo of Clayton

Born on December 10, 1964

Redmond Oregon

Passed away on November 26, 2020

McMinnville Oregon

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Photo of Clayton
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