Christopher Michael James

Mar 02, 1976 - Aug 02, 2022

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Christopher Michael James

Mar 02, 1976 - Aug 02, 2022

Christopher loved nothing more than

His children, Jacob and Jesse

Most recently lived in

Barstow, ca

Favorite musical instrument

Loved playing his guitar

Christopher's favorite foods

Loved to try all kinds of different foods

Favorite bands and musical artists

Santana, was his favorite, but love all music.

Interesting facts about Christopher

Was loving and kind, was happiest when he was helping others

Christopher loved nothing more than

Loved spending time with all of his family and friends. He also love going to concerts.

Favorite place in the world

Christopher stared working as a corrections probation officer in San Diego, ca right out of high-school, hethen transferred to a federal correction officer and worked at the Adelanto federal prison where he met and became friends with many of his closest friends who were also employed there. In 2019 Christopher made a career change and begin working for Baker School district as their Chief Business Officer.

Place of birth


Christopher AKA Boo❤️ was born in Zaragosa Spain Son of Tommy and Marie James. He has 1 brother Aaron James and his wife Gretchen and there children, Isabel, Tucker and Alyssa. He attended K thru 12th grade in Barstow, ca and graduated from Barstow High school in 1994. Boo was the father of Jesse Rae James and Jacob Michael James.

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Photo of Christopher

Born on March 02, 1976

Passed away on August 02, 2022

Barstow, ca

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