Christopher Arthur Pfau

Dec 24, 1989 - Sep 20, 2022

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Christopher Arthur Pfau

Dec 24, 1989 - Sep 20, 2022

Place of birth

Burnsville Minnesota

Most recently lived in

Stafford Virginia

Christopher's favorite hobbies

PvP and RPG online games, building computers, Kung Fu, running, writing, movies, music playlist curation, cooking

Christopher's favorite foods

cooking healthy foods especially vegetarian

Favorite bands and musical artists

Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Led Zeppelin,


Chris was highly intelligent, and he excelled in both writing and math abilities. From an early age he built his own computers and enjoyed all things tech. He enjoyed music and loved curating playlists. He had a passion for PvP and RPG online games. He enjoyed movies, especially fiction, fantasy and science fiction. He loved our dogs, picked out Jazzy from the litter, and held our little Zoey, a rescue dog, to help her transition from living on the streets of LA to being a family member in our home. He took special care of our dogs. He loved to cook healthy foods for the family and even made gourmet meals for the dog. He enjoyed athletics. He mastered Shaolin style Kung Fu and practiced it throughout his life. He became a runner in his twenties. He loved problem solving and was the solution-maker who could trouble-shoot any issue.


Chris was born on Christmas Eve 1989 in Burnsville, Minnesota and passed away September 20, 2022, in Richmond, Virginia. Chris is survived by his mom and dad, Becky and Paul Pfau of Stafford, Virginia, and his sister, Elise Pfau of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Chris will live in our hearts forever.

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Born on December 24, 1989

Burnsville Minnesota

Passed away on September 20, 2022

Stafford Virginia

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