Celia DeAnne McCullough-Sedwick

Jul 05, 1961

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Celia DeAnne McCullough-Sedwick

Jul 05, 1961

Place of birth

Tulsa, OK

Most recently lived in

Keys, OK

Celia's favorite hobbies

Loved football, Kansas City Chiefs, OU, and any game her grandkids were playing in. Loved to play games. Loved to spend time with her kids and grandkids.

Celia's favorite foods


Favorite bands and musical artists

Loved James Taylor and the BeeGee's

Interesting facts about Celia

She was a Figment of Her Own Imagination!

Celia loved nothing more than

Her family!

Favorite place in the world

Loved her home in the country, loved the beach and the mountains of Colorado.

Favorite sports

Football, wrestling and baseball, in that order.

Celia's proudest accomplishments

her children and grandchildren!


Celia DeAnne McCullough-Sedwick, affectionately known as DeAnne, was born on July 5, 1961, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She resided in Keys, Oklahoma, at the time of her passing.

DeAnne had a zest for life and enjoyed various hobbies, including her love for football. She was a devoted fan of the Kansas City Chiefs, OU, and never missed a game her grandkids were playing in. Playing games and spending quality time with her children and grandkids brought her immense joy.

When it came to food, DeAnne relished a delicious steak. Her taste in music leaned towards the soothing melodies of James Taylor and the BeeGees.

One interesting fact about DeAnne was that she was a "Figment of Her Own Imagination!" Her vibrant and imaginative spirit was evident in her everyday life.

Above all else, DeAnne cherished her family. They were the center of her universe and her proudest accomplishment. Her home in the country held a special place in her heart, and she also found solace and beauty in the beaches and mountains of Colorado.

In terms of sports, football held the top spot for DeAnne, followed by wrestling and baseball.

Professionally, DeAnne held notable positions throughout her career. She was currently employed at the Cherokee County Treasurer's Office, where she tirelessly sought alternatives for delinquent real estate taxes to prevent homeowners from losing their homes. Prior to this, she worked with the Cherokee Nation's Talking Leaves Job Corp as a Youth Career Manager, earning recognition as their top contributor of the year. DeAnne also worked at Calming Connections and American Woodmark in Tahlequah.

One of her favorite life mottos was "Family is everything!" She firmly believed in the importance of family bonds. Another saying she held dear was, "Giving up on a goal is like slashing your other three tires because you have one flat." These quotes exemplified her resilient and determined nature.

DeAnne's proudest accomplishments were her children: Jeremy, Jessica, Jorjan, and Richard Jr. Alongside her spouse, Richard Everett Sedwick Sr, whom she married on May 20, 1994, DeAnne was blessed with a loving and expanding family. Her children brought her immeasurable joy, and she was proud to be a grandparent and great-grandparent to a multitude of adoring descendants.

DeAnne was survived by her parents, William D "Bill" McCullough and Mona McCullough, as well as her brothers and sisters: Jerry McCullough, Richard McCullough (wife Lisa), Dayna Guthrie (husband Donny), Jonathan McCullough (wife Karen), Stephen McCullough (wife Dawn), Stephanie Lawler (husband Jim), and many aunts, uncles, cousins, and extended family members.

DeAnne held firm beliefs in God's love and was guided by her faith throughout her life.

Although DeAnne's death date is not mentioned, her memory will forever be cherished by those who had the privilege of knowing her. She leaves behind a legacy of love, joy, and a commitment to family that will continue to inspire all who remember her.

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Born on July 05, 1961

Tulsa, OK

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