Carmel Madison Kirkpatrick

May 05, 1929 - Aug 20, 1988

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Carmel Madison Kirkpatrick

May 05, 1929 - Aug 20, 1988


Carmel leaves behind five Children Jack Edward Kirkpatrick (whom proceed him in death) Rhonda Sue kirkpatrick Harrison. Teresa Ann Kirkpatrick Hicks, David Mark Kirkpatrick and Lenny James Kirkpatrick (whom also proceeded him in death,) Caramel served our country in then Army. Worked hard all his life .He worked as a truck driver for Goodwill Iñds. and then over 20 years as a cab driver for Hazel park Mich. He was a good man and a great father and At hard times he only made 125.00 a week and would still send his crippled. Bed ridden mother money home till the day she died .He was a good friend to all that knew him. He passed a way suddenly by heart failure. At a Madison hts hospital At 11 miles and Deqinder. Madison. height's Michigan..

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Photo of Carmel

Born on May 05, 1929

Passed away on August 20, 1988

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