Billie Patterson

Nov 27, 1950 - Sep 02, 2022

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Billie Patterson

Nov 27, 1950 - Sep 02, 2022

Celebration of life

September 17, 2022 at 3pm Western event center 609 w 116th st, Perkins ok 74059

Interesting facts about Billie

She had a passion for Barrel racing, her animals, grandchildren, and great grandchildren

Name of Billie's children

William Derick Patterson & Jesse Owen Paterson III

Name of Billie's grandchildren

Kyle Patterson, Kaylynn Kimber, Jesse (J.o) Patterson IV, BillieJo Patterson, Shy Winslow, Dusty Patterson, Lydia Lowery, Lyndi Lowery, Levi Patterson, and Lee Patterson

Name of Billie's parents

William Nelson (Captain Bill) Noland & Joy Ilene Stout - Noland

Name of Billie's siblings

Penny Jewett

Place of birth

St Jo, Missouri

Her fur babies

Daisy & Tailer Park

Name of Billie’s great grandchildren

Kennadee, Brantley, Blakely, Blaine, Stevie, Carlee, and Carter

Interesting facts about Billie

Nana and Papa got married September 27 in 1967

Interesting facts about Billie

Moved Arkansas in 76 to Pawnee ok in 80 and moved to Perkins in 83 worked at lost creek ranch then moved to Texas 2007 moved back to Oklahoma in 2019

Most recently lived in

Perkins, Oklahoma


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Photo of Billie

Born on November 27, 1950

St Jo, Missouri

Passed away on September 02, 2022

Perkins, Oklahoma

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Photo of Billie
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