Armani Burnette

May 25, 2022 - June 17, 2022

Place of birth

1655 7th St., Salisbury NC

Armani's favorite foods

The only food I could ever get Armani to eat was KMR mixed with NutriCAL

Armani's favorite hobbies

Armani purred and purred The whole time I had him up until the second of his last breath

Interesting facts about Armani

Armani was originally named ship

If you could tell Armani anything today, what would you say

You take care of all these kittens that I send you You will all be siblings up in heaven


I only had Armani one night he was given to me as a last effort to save his life unfortunately even though I gave him absolutely everything he needed he was too sick he was suffering we brought him to the vet to have him put to sleep so he would not be suffering and he passed before they could even do that it’s like he was ready to go be with his brothers and sisters in heaven

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Armani Burnette (May 25, 2022 to June 17, 2022)