Anna Marie Majeau Bokenfohr

Jul 29, 1941 - Feb 08, 2010

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Anna Marie Majeau Bokenfohr

Jul 29, 1941 - Feb 08, 2010

Place of birth

Survived by

Husband Eric, son Wayne and daughter-in-law Cassi, son Neil and his fiancé Janice, grandsons Reid and Zac, foster daughters Karen and Lorraine Champagne and families, her brothers Oscar Majeau (Angeline) and Leo Majeau (Nora), her cherished friend Lynn Kerr, her Godchildren Monique, Grant, Victor and numerous beloved relatives and close friends

Predeceased by

Parents Theobald and Ida Majeau of Riviere Qui Barre, Alberta

Celebration of life

St. Albert Parish Church, 7 St. Vital Avenue, St. Albert, Alberta on Wednesday, February 17, 2010 at 1:00pm

Officiated by

Father Andrzej Stendzina, OMI


Sister Rose Marie Bokenfohr Mission Fund – Marillac Mission Fund Providence Motherhouse, Box-427 Kingston, Ontario. K7L 4W4 (613) 544-4525

Special thanks to

Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton and the Citadel Mews in St. Albert, as well as the St. Albert Catholic Women’s League

Funeral home

Memories Funeral Home & Crematorium Reception Centre

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Born on July 29, 1941

Passed away on February 08, 2010

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