Amanda Renee Briseno

February 09, 1987 - September 26, 2022

Place of birth


Most recently lived in


Amanda's favorite hobbies

She enjoyed painting and doing things for her family

Amanda's favorite foods

Pizza, Mexican food and pickled lime salt, bananas with strawberry jell-o on top

Favorite bands and musical artists

Rap and county music

If you could tell Amanda anything today, what would you say?

I would say sis I love and miss you so much I cant wait into we can see each other again we all have done things wrong but we have A God that forgives us .

Amanda loved nothing more than

being with her family no matter what bad choices she made I know she loved her family addiction is one powerful disease

Favorite place in the world

being with her family when she was able too.

Name of High School attended

Angleton high school

Favorite ice cream flavor


Amanda's pets in life

pet snake, cat, dog rabbet racoon

Amanda's proudest accomplishments

Getting married and becoming A mother for the 1st time

Name of Amanda's children

Jesus ,Adan, Cruz, Saul, Tea

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Amanda Renee Briseno (February 09, 1987 to September 26, 2022)