Amanda Nichole Meyer

Jan 19, 1982 - Aug 17, 2021

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Amanda Nichole Meyer

Jan 19, 1982 - Aug 17, 2021

Place of birth

Falls City Nebraska

Most recently lived in

Kansas City

Amanda's favorite hobbies

Crystals, animals cooking

If you could tell Amanda anything today, what would you say

I don't want you gone I need you here

Favorite bands and musical artists

Tupac Dave Mathews

Amanda's favorite foods

Mexican, Mom's soup, BBQ,


Amanda has a pure heart and empathy. Many spiritual gifts. She saw and heard spirits as a young child. She loved exploring with little brother. Loved adventures. Loved her family. Loved to eat good food at nice restaurants. Funny, witty and a blast to be around. Very loyal and trusting. Smart.

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Born on January 19, 1982

Falls City Nebraska

Passed away on August 17, 2021

Kansas City

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