Mariangela E Nigro

September 13, 1930 - August 16, 2021

Mariangela E NigroBlurred cover photo

Place of birth

Giubiasco, Distretto di Bellinzona, Ticino, Switzerland

Most recently lived in

Prunedale, California

Mariangela's favorite hobbies

She was an avid gardener and lover of fine art, photography and music—especially opera.

Mariangela's favorite foods


Favorite bands and musical artists

Bette Midler

Interesting facts about Mariangela

She was able to speak 6 languages. Italian, English, French, some German and Spanish and of course her Italian dialect from Ticino.

If you could tell Mariangela anything today, what would you say?

Tiamo Mamma.

Mariangela loved nothing more than

Taking care of her family.

Favorite place in the world

Her garden.

Mariangela E Nigro

In memory of

Mariangela E Nigro

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